Hotel Industry and ECPAT-USA E-Learning Module Against Trafficking

The Role of Hospitality in Preventing and Reacting to Child Trafficking 30-minute course explains the risks trafficking can pose to properties, provides a list of signs and behaviors that may indicate child trafficking, and offers steps to respond to the situation in ways that minimize risk. Click here to view.

This November ECPAT-USA will be leading a groundbreaking journey to Thailand for a group of travelers to learn firsthand about the issue of trafficking and sexual exploitation and how the travel industry is combating it. Click here or contact Sarah at for more information.

Does Your Hotel Know?

Does your hotel know the signs of trafficking?

#DoesYourHotelKnow is an awareness campaign by ECPAT-USA that alerts hotels and travelers alike to educate themselves about the signs of sex trafficking, with a call to action. Click here to join the campaign.

What I've Been Through

And boys too...

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