Youth Education

ECPAT-USA is empowering youth to take the lead in anti-human trafficking efforts with our Youth Against Child Trafficking (Y-ACT) program. We are involving our primary stakeholders, America’s children, in advocating against sexual exploitation and trafficking. ECPAT-USA trains student to be the foremost advocates in their communities, educating them on the facts, misconceptions and risks of trafficking. We provide them with the tools needed to identify the warning signs and proper resources to protect themselves and their peers.

Where there is education, there is empowerment, and through Y-ACT, youth are able to use their voice and knowledge to educate and empower others about the issue. They learn about issues such as:

  • Child sex trafficking in America

  • Pop culture and gender inequality

  • Internet Safety

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Demand

If you have any questions, contact ECPAT-USA’s Youth Outreach Manager Kyra Wooden at or (718) 935-9192.



Youth Against Child Trafficking Program 2017-2018