For decades, traffickers have used the travel industry to their own advantage - using airlines to move victims to and from locations or using hotels to set up encounters between victims and those individuals purchasing sex. But we, as travelers, can take a stand against the trafficking of millions across the globe.

In recognition of World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, we are calling on you to end this exploitation and be a responsible traveler. Being a responsible traveler means understanding that trafficking is happening in our backyards. It means choosing to travel with companies that have incorporated anti-trafficking policies and training into their business models. It means raising awareness of the issue and raising your voice for those who are unable to do so.

How you can get involved


Visit our shop for fair trade gifts - including our new Responsible Traveler Pack - that provide direct funding for our anti-trafficking initiatives as well as serve a an income-generating opportunity for women at the Regina Center in Thailand.



Use your social media to share how you will be a #ResponsibleTraveler and raise awareness of child trafficking and exploitation. Share our campaign with your network and mobilize your office, classroom or followers to join you in fighting trafficking.


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