Support the Trafficking Victims Protection Act Reauthorization Bills

S.1311/S.1312 And H.R. 2200



The TVPA, originally passed in the year 2000, is the United States' groundbreaking legislation to end human trafficking and provide much-needed assistance to human trafficking victims.  These bills emphasize a victim-focused approach to combating human trafficking, while also strengthening restitution to the victims of human trafficking. Critically, a number of new provisions specifically add protections for children. View the summary below to educate yourself on this important legislation, and read on to learn how you can help.


How to help

Step 1:  Create one sample letter for each senator. Add your name and address to each, where prompted.

Step 2: Find your members of Congress, and add their names to your sample letters.

Step 3: Email your representatives the letter.

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I just did my part to #endtrafficking with @ecpatusa! You can help, too, by contacting your senators. #TVPA


I just did my part to #endtrafficking with ECPAT-USA. You can, too. Help us reauthorize the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, which provides a victim-centered approach to the fight against trafficking, and helps provide meaningful compensation for human trafficking victims. Join us:


I just did my part to #endtrafficking with @ecpat. You can, too, by helping us reauthorize the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. Join us:

What does the TVPA do?

  • Expands the Federal Missing Children’s Assistance Act to incorporate a greater emphasis on child sex trafficking and to allow greater technical assistance to child welfare agencies supporting children at-risk for human trafficking.

  • Allows direct services for child victims of human trafficking by amending the Victims of Child Abuse Act of 1990.

  • Provides judicial training to assist judges in recognizing potential victims of child sex trafficking.  

  • Reauthorizes and extends until 2022 Federal grants to combat child sex trafficking.

  • Reauthorizes an existing training program for school personnel and allows for the training of school resource officers to recognize trafficking.   

  • Provides new injunctive relief -- allowing the Department of Justice to sue on behalf of victims who were trafficked online to provide restraining orders to websites where sex trafficking is occurring.

  • Directs that forfeited assets from convicted human traffickers be utilized as mandatory restitution to victims of sexual exploitation.

  • Expands the role of the Secret Service in providing computer forensic assistance to other law enforcement agencies combating online sex trafficking.

  • Extends the life of the existing anti-human trafficking grant programs in the Department of Labor and Department of Justice until 2021.

  • Establishes a formal Office of Victims Assistance within the Department of Homeland Security to address the needs of human trafficking immigrants brought into the United States by traffickers.

  • Provides that the Attorney General should give priority in Department of Justice grant making to programs that provide for a victim-focused approach to combating human trafficking.

  • Requires existing national strategy to combat human trafficking include provisions that decrease demand for human trafficking victims.