Preventing & Responding to Human Trafficking and the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children an E-Learning by ECPAT-USA

Traffickers use hotels, airlines, and other travel infrastructure to exploit or transport their victims. As a result, travel leaders increasingly recognize the unique role they can play in preventing and disrupting this crime.

Traffickers use hotels to set up encounters between victims of sex trafficking and exploiters. They move victims to and from locations through commercial air travel. Labor trafficking is also present in the travel industry's workforce and in the supply chain of its products. This criminal activity is not only a violation of human rights, it also presents a great risk for the safety and security of travelers. Traffickers capitalize on the lack of awareness around human trafficking within the travel and hospitality industry. All too often, they continue to exploit victims because staff, managers, and executives do not know what to look for.   

Fortunately, there are many ways travel professionals can prevent and combat human trafficking. This 25-minute online training program developed by ECPAT-USA addresses the issue of human trafficking and discusses the intersections between human trafficking and the hospitality/travel industry. ECPAT-USA also offers free tools and resources that can be used in conjunction with the training to help companies combat trafficking and inform clients and suppliers of their commitment.

E-Learning for Travel PRofessionals

Our new e-learning is tailored specifically for travel professionals in the travel management industry, corporate travel managers, and those in the meeting and events industry. 

In Preventing & Responding to Human Trafficking and the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children training, associates will learn:

- The definition and impact of human trafficking

- The signs of sex trafficking

- The signs of labor trafficking

- Why Traffickers use the Travel Industry

- How to Take Action with clients and suppliers

- And more