ECPAT-USA Child Trafficking Travel Indicators

Countless children are identified as victims of trafficking at hotels or on airlines across the globe. As a responsible traveler, you can help stop child trafficking in its tracks. Find out what to look for and what to do if you suspect trafficking.


what to look out for

  1. Minimal luggage/clothing
  2. Lack of access to travel documents and money
  3. Victim seems disoriented and lost
  4. Victim lacks physical and verbal autonomy
  5. Lack of adequate language skills for foreign victims
  6. Trafficker is seen with many young children
  7. Trafficker insists on paying solely in cash
  8. Victim and trafficker have minimal interaction and eye contact with others, especially with staff
  9. No evidence of return ticket; may have tickets to multiple destinations
  10. Victim has indications of physical and emotional abuse
  11. Trafficker/victim seem anxious to arrive at destination

What to Do

  • BE ALERT during large gatherings such as conventions or sporting games
  • DO NOT confront the child or adult
  • ALERT management, flight attendant, or airport security
  • NOTE the room/seat number, names, and description of individuals


In case of emergency, dial



In a non-immediate situation, call the national human trafficking hotline


    Download our child trafficking travel indicators card.

    Download our child trafficking travel indicators card.