The Issue

Countless children are identified as victims of trafficking at hotels across the country, ranging from budget properties to luxury resorts. Hotels employees are one of few industries in a unique position to identify trafficking. From check in to checkout there are a number of indicators victims and traffickers exhibit during the time they're on a hotel property. With proper training, a front desk clerk or a housekeeper can notice that something is not right and respond.

The Code is an industry driven set of initiatives travel companies can implement to prevent child sex trafficking and exploitation. Code companies commit to training their staff to recognize when someone might be a victim.


the signs

  • Frequently when pimps or traffickers bring their victims into hotels they hold onto their identification.
  • Traffickers may pay for the room one night at a time in cash.
  • There may be a lot of men in and out of the hotel room.
  • Someone watching the door.
  • They will be distrustful and avoid security.


What you can do