Urge Your Senators to Pass FOSTA-SESTA


It's time to stop selling human beings online. FOSTA-SESTA is a bipartisan bill which provides a pathway to justice for survivors of trafficking. Thanks to your support, the bill has passed the House and now will be headed to the Senate Floor for a vote.

To help take this effort over the finish line, we are asking you to call/Tweet/Facebook your Senators to confirm they will vote YES when FOSTA-SESTA comes to the Senate Floor. Read on to take action and learn more about this historic bipartisan movement to end trafficking and exploitation online.

What does FOSTA-SESTA do?

  • Allows victims of sex trafficking to seek justice against websites that knowingly facilitated the crimes against them.

  • Eliminates special federal liability loopholes for websites that assist in the violation of federal sex trafficking laws.
  • Enables state law enforcement officials to take action against individuals or businesses that violate federal sex trafficking laws.




We need a barrage of positive calls to Senate members. Please call 202-225-3121 and you will be transferred to your Senator’s office.

Sample script for call: "My name is ___ and I live in _____ (State). I am calling to thank Senator ______ for supporting the FOSTA-SESTA package and I am calling to confirm that she/he will vote YES so that survivors and states finally will have the legal tools to hold websites accountable for knowingly facilitating human trafficking. Thank you."


Raise Awareness on Social Media — Sample TWEETS and POSTS

  • Please call your Senator today at 202-225-3121 to vote YES on #FOSTA #SESTA: https://vimeo.com/249095210 #ListenToSurvivors #IamJaneDoe #MyFreedomDay #My FreedomDay

  • @SenSchumer please support a clean #SESTA #FOSTA to help children and survivors get the justice they deserve. #NoAmendments #ListenToSurvivors #IamJaneDoe #MyFreedomDay

  • @SenateMajLdr it's time to bring a clean #FOSTA #SESTA to the Senate Floor for a vote. #NoAmendments #IamJanDoe #ListentoSurvivors #MyFreedomDay 

  • Hoping that @SenatorEWarren and @SenMarkey read the 1st Circuit DOE opinion to fully understand #FOSTA #SESTA, which affects their own constituents. Please vote YES. #ListentoSurvivors #IamJaneDoe #MyFreedomDay #NoAmendments

  • @SenatorCantwell – one of the Backpage cases involved Seattle Jane Does. Please read 1st Circuit DOE decision and then vote YES on #FOSTA #SESTA #ListentoSurvivors #IamJaneDoe #MyFreedomDay #NoAmendments

  • Asking @SenatorLeahy and @SenSanders to please vote YES on #FOSTA #SESTA and help create a pathway for justice for survivors #IamJaneDoe #ListentoSurvivors #MyFreedomDay #NoAmendments

  • Please go to http://bit.ly/2IsA3o4 and sign the petition by @Change for a clean #FOSTA #SESTA with #NoAmendments. #IamJaneDoe #ListentoSurvivors #MyFreedomDay

  • Thank you @ManhattanDA for calling on the US Senate to protect victims of online trafficking and hold companies that knowingly facilitate online trafficking accountable. #FOSTA #SESTA #IamJaneDoe #ListentoSurvivors #MyFreedomDay @sffny @TR_Foundation @Monique_Villa @Fond_Selles



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