Learn How Your Workplace Can Help End Child Trafficking


join an advocacy journey

Advocacy Journeys were created for travelers who want to learn more about human trafficking and The Code through a meaningful trip. We will return to Thailand this coming February and welcome you and your company to join us. Click here to read about our trip. You can help grow our journeys by:

  1. Sharing the tour with your CEO or senior leadership so they can take the trip, which would reignite their commitment to the cause.

  2. Sponsoring select employees to attend the tour and share their experiences through a blog and/or a town hall presentation. Trips make a great sales quota incentive.

  3. Give the gift of a tour! Thank your loyal corporate customers by providing them an opportunity to take a great trip and learn about a good cause.

  4. Share the tours with co-workers/friends/colleagues, who might be interested in attending!

    • Use this as an employee professional development opportunity for yourself or anyone at your company. Participants will gain unique insight into The Code and access to ECPAT staff for information.

    • Share via employee intranet and social media.


join the ecpat athletes team

Whether you love to run, walk, bike (or whatever!), do it in the name of Freedom! Join the ECPAT Athletes, a team committed to raising awareness about the issue of trafficking and dedicated to creating a world where children can grow up free from the threat of trafficking and exploitation. We are officials partners in the:

  1. New York City Marathon, NYC (Registration closed)

  2. New York City TD Bike Tour, NYC (Registration open winter 2018)

or employees can always fundraise on their own at a local event through CrowdRise. Learn more about our athlete program here.


attend an event

ECPAT-USA relies on the support of individuals to end child slavery at the source. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. If your company has a matching gift program, please take advantage of this opportunity to double your donation.

screen a film

ECPAT-USA has partnered with the producers of the movie SOLD to bring screenings to your workplace. Screenings are a great opportunity to raise awareness of the issues of human trafficking and sexual exploitation as well as fundraise for the cause. Learn more here.




join the end it movement

Mobilize your office to shine a light on slavery. This February, join the viral, grassroots movement to end trafficking around the world. Draw a RED X on your hand, take an office selfie, and post it using #ENDITMOVEMENT. To get your company involved, email info@ecpatusa.org.