The Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct



The Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct is the only voluntary set of business principles travel and tour companies can implement to prevent child sex tourism and trafficking of children. The Code is a joint venture between the tourism private sector and ECPAT. Companies that endorse The Code are supported by ECPAT-USA to:

  1. Establish a policy and procedures against sexual exploitation of children.

  2. Train employees in children's rights, the prevention of sexual exploitation and how to report suspected cases.

  3. Include a clause in contracts throughout the value chain stating a common repudiation and zero tolerance policy of sexual exploitation of children.

  4. Provide information to travelers on children's rights, the prevention of sexual exploitation of children and how to report suspected cases.

  5. Support, collaborate and engage stakeholders in the prevention of sexual exploitation of children.

  6. Report annually on their implementation of Code related activities.

*Signatories are required by the Code of Conduct Steering Committee to pay annual fees based on their revenues per year.


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As a now official member of the Code, you gain access to ECPAT-USA staff as a resource for you implementation. We will work with you to implement the plans outlined in your Action Plan, including providing you with sample policy, clauses, and staff training. ECPAT-USA can also provide you with regional law enforcement and service provider contacts.


As a member of the Code, signatories are required to pay a small membership fee to the Code of Conduct International Secretariat, based on the size of their company. The fee covers the use of the Code logo in your promotion materials and allows the Code International to expand the awareness activities and outreach in the travel sector. In 2013, the Code will release a Contact Relation Management System (CRM) that will provide signatories with new tools and services for member companies.


At the end of each year, signatories must report annually on their developments for Code implementation. The first year reporting form is longer and includes information on the signing event, additional years are shorter. ECPAT-USA assists signatories in their reporting and works to plan activities for the following year. Please contact Michelle Guelbart for a reporting form.



With the growth of technology, traffickers and pimps are moving their business off the streets and onto the Internet, behind closed doors and out of sight. Trafficked victims are bought and sold in hotel rooms and exploited in prostitution. A trafficker may check into a hotel and run their business out of the rooms, unbeknownst to the employees, or use the hotel to meet with sex buyers. When asked, service providers and law enforcement agencies report that almost every single pimped victim that came in contact with has been exploited at one point in hotels. Are you ready to help?