Ed Bastian

A Word from ECPAT-USA's Executive Director: Airlines Have to Get on Board

Delta Air Lines is a long-time member of the Tourism Child Protection Code of Conduct. But this week, in Atlanta, the company kicked off a new round of awareness and action to protect both adult and child trafficking victims. Read more from Delta here. There is now a company-wide anti-human trafficking steering committee with representatives from all the divisions.


Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta, gave a moving opening statement about the commitment of his company. He called it a movement, not a cause, and spoke passionately about the need for companies like his to do their part.

He is so right. Training of airline employees is crucial. As I was greeting Delta employees who were filing into the giant gathering room, within 5 minutes two people told me they had identified and reported cases of potential child trafficking. Two employees in five minutes! Every U.S. airline should be considering the same steps. Who knows how many more children would be saved.

As Director of ECPAT-USA I presented Ed with a Partner in Protection Plaque to thank the company for supporting our working. We can’t do our child protection work unless we have support from the private sector, government, and individuals. Over 700 Delta employees were there, to learn that trafficking exists, to learn how to look for it, and get mobilized. It was a truly inspiring event.