Don't Let Epstein's Enablers & Associates Escape, ECPAT-USA Says

Jeffrey Epstein, who was arrested on charges of sex trafficking in July, was found dead by suspected suicide Saturday morning. The indictment in his case alleged that from 2002-2005, Epstein sexually exploited minors, some as young as 14 in Manhattan and Palm Springs.

“Jeffrey Epstein’s death should not be the end of the story. We must also bring to justice his enablers and those who joined him in abusing young girls,” said Carol Smolenski, Executive Director of ECPAT-USA, the country’s leader in fighting child sex trafficking. “By all accounts, there were dozens, if not hundreds, of young girls involved and also other men involved in sexually exploiting them. There were many people who aided or enabled Epstein, including in the criminal justice system. There can be no justice and no end to the Epstein case until everyone involved is held to account. There were also many people who saw what was going on and were suspicious, but said nothing. This case makes it clear why it’s essential to speak out to save children.”