Meet Emerald, Our New Y-ACT Intern

The Youth Against Child Trafficking program is pleased to announce our new education and outreach intern, Emerald Lacy. Originally from San Jose, California, she is now attending her final year at Fordham University where her studies focus on anthropology and history. 

She has had a long-running interest in anti-human trafficking and is excited to take on an active role in the fight by creating and impacting real change in the community. She first became aware of the issue in high school when she was startled to discover that her very own home state was the most affected by human trafficking in the nation, with most human trafficking cases reported every year. This catalyst has pushed Emerald’s determination to do her part in putting an end to the practice. 

This combined with her passion for working with children and youth has led her to ECPAT-USA, and she knows she has found her perfect fit. Having experience with children in both the United States and abroad, she has always considered working with youth populations extremely rewarding. She said that, β€œI find I learn just as much from my students as they do from me,” highlighting the importance of dialogue with underrepresented populations that ECPAT-USA serves. 

ECPAT-USA is extremely happy to welcome Emerald to the team to educate our middle school and high school-aged youths! Y-ACT knows this is going to be an extra special year as we continue our mission to make sure students understand trafficking, engage in healthy relationships, and foster healthy online identities. Our skill-based workshops have been taught to over 6000 NYC youths and we are excited to bring this information to more students!

To learn more about our Youth Outreach Program please visit our page or contact our Youth Outreach Manager at