No Vacancy for Child Sex Traffickers: An Overview

In September we released No Vacancy for Child Sex Traffickers, an impact report about the results of ECPAT-USA’s work to prevent and disrupt the commercial sexual exploitation of children in hotels. Since the release we’ve authored a series of blogs providing information to people in different sectors about how they can combat child sex trafficking.


The series includes:


Is There Really No Vacancy for Child Sex Traffickers? This blog explains why the No Vacancy report is necessary and provides an introduction to the report. As this blog says, No Vacancy for Sex Traffickers reveals how many hotels in the United States train their associates to recognize and respond to child sex trafficking, where sex trafficking training is coming from, and more.

How You Can Fight Child Sex Trafficking on Your Next Trip This blog speaks to travelers, and provides practical steps you can take to join the fight against child sex trafficking. From traveling responsibly to asking your favorite hotel to join the Code, travelers can help keep children safe.

How Hotels Can Fight Trafficking This blog speaks to people working in the hotel industry. This blog outlines steps all hotels must take to protect children, such as adopting policies and related to the sexual exploitation of children, having resources available to properties, and mandating that associates working in all hotel properties—whether they are franchised or owned—have training.


What Governments Can Do to Combat Child Sex Trafficking This blog discusses what steps governments must take to protect the children in their communities. These steps include passing laws that require hotels to train their associates on child sexual exploitation, with consultation and resources from groups already working on the issue, and passing transparency legislation that includes child sexual exploitation language.

How the Meetings and Events Industry Can Help Stop Child Sex Trafficking This blog is for people working in the meetings and events industry. It offers information about how meetings and events professionals can persuade both travel suppliers (hotels, airlines, etc.) and corporate travel managers to implement policies and programs to protect children.

You can also learn more by reading the full report, No Vacancy for Child Sex Traffickers.