ECPAT-USA Applauds ITP's Vision for 2030: Sustainable Growth & a Fairer Future For All

This fall, the International Tourism Partnership (ITP) launched their Vision for 2030. The Vision for 2030 includes the launch of ITP’s goals, four commitments to work among ITP member companies to address four issues in the hospitality industry: Youth Employment, Carbon, Water, and Human Rights.

The International Tourism Partnership is an international organization that works to bring hotels together to address social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Vision 2030 is designed to be a practically achievable call to action for the entire hospitality industry on four of the main sustainability issues impacting hospitality brands. The initiative’s goals were created with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in mind, as a way for the industry to make a positive contribution to the SDGs.

ECPAT-USA applauds the International Tourism Partnership for leading the way on these issues and creating a call to action for the tourism industry to lead on sustainability and human rights.

The goals in each area are:

  • YOUTH EMPLOYMENT: Collectively impact one million young people through employability programmes by 2030, thereby doubling the industry’s current impact on youth unemployment.

  • CARBON: Embrace science-based targets, and encourage the wider industry to join in reducing emissions at scale.

  • WATER: Embed water stewardship programmes to reduce the number of people affected by water scarcity; also improve water-use efficiency and identify ways to address water scarcity.

  • HUMAN RIGHTS: Raise awareness of human rights risks, embed human rights into corporate governance, and address risks arising in the labour supply chain and during hotel construction.

With the Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct (The Code), ECPAT-USA works with the tourism industry to integrate training about human trafficking, a human rights issue, into human resources standards. The International Tourism Partnership’s initiative to address human rights, as well as sustainability issues, is a commendable project that shows how the tourism industry can use its power and influence for good.

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