Uber Launches Driver Training Materials to Combat Human Trafficking

Minnesota - October 21, 2016 - Uber Technologies Inc. continued their commitment to preventing human trafficking by announcing information about human trafficking, including the signs of trafficking and the number for the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, which will be available to drivers at the company’s Greenlight Hub information centers.

Representatives from the company were joined by Representative Erik Paulsen (R-MN) and ECPAT-USA in hosting a roundtable discussion with Uber’s top drivers in the Twin Cities area on how they can educate and promote awareness within the community about these crimes.   


“This is an exciting day for us because now people who drive on the platform can be the eyes and ears in this fight, if they see something, they can report it and help pave pathways for freedom,” said Faiza Mathon-Mathieu, Director of Public Policy and Government Relations, ECPAT-USA. “Children caught up in the sex trade often feel invisible and their traffickers capitalize on this. But now there is something you can do to help protect children because today we are sending a message to traffickers that ride-shares are not anonymous and risk-free environments to run their businesses.”

Last April, Uber officially signed the ECPAT Code of Conduct and pledged to fight against trafficking on its platform. The Code, a set of six guidelines, helps travel and tourism companies put in place policies and programs to address the issue of child sex trafficking.